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book slide author to authority by kim thompson-pinder, rti publishing

Author to Authority

Kim Thompson-Pinder

In Author To Authority, Kim Thompson-Pinder, The Extraordinary Word Ninja, shares her journey of failing at entrepreneurship for almost 15 years and how she figured out the ‘secret sauce’ that has allowed her to propel her business forward and do more in a few years than she did in a decade.

Can I Borrow Your Car?

Mike Garrison

Referrals can be the key to a business-changing network of connections and self-generating opportunities. You need to be the kind of person others are comfortable taking that risk with and make sure you don’t wreck their ‘car’.

can i borrow your car by mike garrison, rti publishing
book cover house hacking, rti publishing

House Hacking

John David Adams, Jr.

Have you ever wondered how to make money from real estate? In House Hacking – Using Renovation Loans For A Better Way To Buy A Home, John Adams not only shares his journey from bankruptcy to millionaire in real estate but how he did it.

My Skeletons Have Names

Shari Lueck

A lifetime sprinkled with extreme abuse, addiction, a terrorist attack and hate crime to facing death more times than she can count, Shari has experienced it all, and yet she turned her life around to one filled with happiness and success.

book slide my skeletons have names by shari lueck, rti publishing
book slide revenue growth engine by darrell amy, rti publishing

Revenue Growth Engine

Darrell Amy

In this book you will quickly see which parts of your company’s growth engine are not performing. You will discover the law of exponential growth and how to accelerate growth with ideal clients.

Say Yes Everyday! Discovering Your Superpower

Laura J. Brandao

Everyone has a superpower, yet very few know what it is, and even fewer still use it. In this book, Laura Brandao explores how she found her superpower and how you can find yours too.

say yes everyday book cover, rti publishing
book slide say yes everyday thrive thursday, rti publishing

Say Yes Everyday! Thrive Thursday

Laura J. Brandao

I believe that we all have a unique life journey, but after hosting my weekly live show, Thrive Thursday during the COVID-19 global pandemic, I was driven to show the world that everyone needs to share their story—because you never know who needs to hear it.

Selling From the Heart

Larry Levine

Relationships are what will fuel your sales funnel and allow you to reach your sales goals. Social media is a great place to develop those relationships that lead to sales and Larry teaches you how to do in a natural way.

selling from the heart by larry levine, rti publishing
book slide the sport of life by ram nayyar, rti publishing

The Sport of Life

Ram Nayyar

True success in life is not what most of the world thinks it is and the great thing is that anyone can achieve it. Learn what true success is and get rid of the fear that is holding you back from having the best things in life!

From Turmoil to Triumph

Dave Sanderson

On January 15, 2009, on a routine air flight, Dave Sanderson suddenly found himself in a life or death struggle – the plane crash known as Miracle on the Hudson. For the next 24 minutes he summoned everything he had learned from his mentors to turn the turmoil of that experience into triumph.

book slider from turmoil to triumph by dave sanderson, rti publishing
book slide unprecedented by chuck cooper, rti publishing


Chuck Cooper

We live in unprecedented times where everything has shifted including how businesses are run and how their employees see the world. The old traditions are gone and yet so many companies are stuck trying to make the old ways work or are unsure of how to move forward in this new environment.