5 Ways To Use Your Book To Build Your Business

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Some people think that writing and publishing a book is the hardest part of becoming an author – and while there are many challenges to overcome, the worst part is what do you do after you got it finished.

There is nothing worse then having done all this work to create and publish your book and then nothing but crickets. You start to question why you even did it in the first place.

One thing that makes me very angry is hearing so called ‘gurus’ who teach AUTHORity Marketing and make it sound like the movie A Field of Dreams where you write the book and all this business falls into you lap. It is not true. Your book is a tool, and you only see results when you use it.

In this article I want to explore five ways you can use your book to build your business.

1. Lead Generation

When you get your book into someone’s hand that person becomes a lead for you. One of the ways that I have found most effective is by giving the book away to my target market in exchange for their contact information. Once they receive the book by mail, I call them to talk about the book and that opens up opportunities to see how I can help them.

People like getting free things or gifts so when you offer them a copy of your book no charge they will take advantage of it.

2. Credibility

When you become an author people see you differently. It is a perception that people who are authors are more credible experts than people who are not. It is not true but you might as well use that perception to your advantage. Make suer when you introduce yourself you add, “I am the author of the book on _____________.” You will instantly be elevated in their eyes but they also may ask you about the book which leads back to point #1.

3. Top Of Your Sales Funnel

Books have a high conversion rate when used at the top of your sales funnel. Many use the ‘pay for shipping get the book for free’ method. If done correctly you will break out even on the book (or make money) and that person is now in your system and you can market to them.

4. Social Media Content

Don’t know what to post on social media? Your book will give you content for years to come. You can use short clips from your book as long form content, you can take quotes from your book and make them into graphics, you can share testimonials form people who have read the book. You can read an excerpt on a LinkedIn Live and then talk about it. The list is endless. Always make sure you give a Call-To-Action to buy the book.

5. Speaking Engagements

Want to speak on stages, podcasts, workshops or conferences? Being an author makes it more likely that you will be chosen because you are the author (point #2). Some stages even require you to be an author before they will let you on.

The most important part is the consistency factor. You can’t do these things a few times and then give up because, “It does not work.” The power is getting your book out to as many places and people as you can. Over time you will generate leads that convert to clients plus you will create an audience of your target market who know, like and trust you and will start to promote you. That is when the fun begins, and you start to see some amazing results.

Where is the best place to start? Do #1 first and get your book into hot clients hands. You will get way more results than just having that box of books sitting in your garage getting molded.

If you have enjoyed this article and would like a free copy of my book Author to Authority which goes into much greater detail on using a book to build your business, send me a Direct Message here on LinkedIn and I will get one sent to you.