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About the Author

What is the one thing that every Entrepreneur needs to be successful?


That is what AUTHORity Marketing is all about. Helping others to see your business as the go-to in your niche through the 6 Six Key Building Blocks. Want to do it 10x faster? Write your Signature book.

Kim Thompson-Pinder – The Extraordinary Word Ninja, CVO of RTI Publishing, International Best-Selling Author, Host of the Author To Authority Podcast and book by the same name knows the power of words and how to use them.

Kim did not write for 30 years after a teacher told her that, “She was no good and should stop.” Then, she came to a crossroads and chose to let those painful words go. Since she set her words free, she has gone on to author more than five books. Most importantly, Kim started RTI Publishing and has helped over 200 entrepreneurs to become authors and authorities in their niche.

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